Hydraulic Cylinders

Range :

Bore Size :- 25mm to 1100 mm
Pressure :- 10 to 700 Bar
Stroke :- 50 mm to 5000 mm

Both the welded & tie rod construction and Special cylinders using one piece barrels are also produced on request.

Each Cylinder tube hone after welding to overcome from distortion due to welding which protect from internal leakage and increase seals life.

Seals – All ‘Pioneer’ cylinders employ international quality Seals that are self-adjusting for long trouble free life. Presently we are using “Hallite”, “Nok”, “SJ” (Korea) or equivalent make seal-kits in our cylinders as per international norms & standards.

Piston – Mild Steel, Carbon Steel, Cast Iron.

Cylinder Base – One end of the cylinder is precision welded/bolted incase of low pressure cylinders but in case of high pressure cylinders the base is threaded & then welding by highly skilled workers with utmost accuracy & precision.

Mounting – All mounts are of steel.

Honed Tube – Seamless Honed Tubes (Steel) to a micro-finish provide long piston seal life and prevent failure of the cylinder. The tube material is selected on the basis of application & working pressure

Piston Rod – High strength steel piston rod is precision ground and hard chrome plated (and regrinds if required) to ensure anti-corrosion and maximum seal life. The rod material is EN – 8 or EN-9 or selected on basis of application or customer requirement.